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Graduates Holding Diplomas

Graduates making History

This is not the way the class of 2020 would have ever imagined closing the last chapter of their school's experience.

With schools closed for the rest of the academic year due to the coronavirus pandemic, graduates are preparing to graduate without spending the final days of their childhood journey alongside their classmates.

Skate Luvers wants to honor the graduating class of 2020! They have worked so hard for this moment, and it's their time to shine!

Skate Luvers Roller Palace has opened up their heart and walls to the class of 2020. We are going to make history. We will be plastering the 2020 graduates all on our new walls for the world to see. If you would like your graduates to be a part this is what you need to do.

Submit a photo of the graduate you'd like to honor. Be sure to include the graduates's name and the school they are graduated from using the form at the referenced website.

We can only use the first 1000 students so submit your picture as soon as possible. Let's show our seniors how special they really are!

Skate Luvers Roller Palace


Roller Skating is year-round fun!

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