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Skate Luvers accepts cash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Apple Pay, and Android Pay. ATMs are located on premises Checks are only accepted for events that have been approved. No refunds.


Parking, Bicycles, and Public Transportation


Skate Luvers has a large parking lot and parking is free. Parking does fill to capacity on holidays, weekend days, and special event days. The closest bus stop is approximately 1 mile away.




Food & Beverages

Outside food, beverages are accepted. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. No outside food or beverage may be taken into the skating rink except with a reserved birthday party package or private rental reservation (items that may be brought in are limited to those listed in the reservation). 




Picnic Areas & Tables

Skate Luvers offers first-come, first-served tables for our guests to enjoy free of charge. All other picnic/event spaces are available for a fee. Reservations are required. A limited number of reserved  areas may be available for rent on a walk-in basis; inquire at our Tickets booth counter near the main entrance.




Lockers, Unattended Articles, and Lost & Found

Lockers are available throughout the skate area. They are $.50 each to rent. Leaving personal articles unattended is prohibited, e.g., purses, bags, jackets, coolers, etc. Check for lost items at our Guest Services counter located near the main entrance. 





Skate Luvers' facilities are ADA compliant. Please ask for the handicap accessible restrooms.


Behavior & Dress Standards

All guests must maintain dress and behavior standards in accordance with the Skate Luvers' mission of providing a safe, wholesome, family atmosphere. No offensive language, gestures, or attire are permitted.


Line Jumping

Line jumping is not allowed. Line jumping is defined as cutting in front of other guests waiting in line, leaving a line then trying to re-enter the line at the same point, or saving a place for someone.


Smoking is prohibited. Your courtesy is appreciated.


Guests are encouraged to take photos for personal use and share them on social media with friends and family. Commercial/professional photography is prohibited without prior consent.

Prohibited Items

Fireworks, weapons, drugs (including marijuana), and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Skate Luvers property. Individuals under the influence may not be allowed to enter.


Please reach out to us with any questions about your visit. 


Roller Skating is year-round fun!

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